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The CO2 extraction process ensures only the best parts of the hemp extract reaches the food supplements. The test results must contain the amount of CBD contained in the oil. Also, buyers want to make sure their product is free of heavy metals and other substances commonly met in the useful CBD extracts. 

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What Should You Look For When Buying CBD?

It is difficult to compare CBD when you have so many options and products to choose from. This is where our website is committed to bringing added value to any person looking to find quality cannabinoids. We are not representatives of one brand or another. We compare strains of industrial hemp and give our honest opinion about how these products are extracted, and how rich they are in cannabidiol or CBD. 

People are looking for the THC free products they can buy legally. Also they want to know the difference between medical marijuana and common cannabinoids. 



Best Ways To Compare CBD Online 

Cannabinoid extracts come with a few characteristics that can be calculated only from the label of the product. CBD Oils Reviews allow its readers to calculate these characteristics of hemp extracts, using a CBD Dosage Calculator and Price Calculators for your needs. 

Simply look for the concentration of CBD you required daily, and use our tools to determine the right concentration of CBD you need. In terms of brands, you can make a difference by reading the reviews we post online, and also by finding the opinions of other people using CBD. 


Cannabinoids are substances which many think they were discovered lately. Archeological research show the plant from which CBD is distilled was one of the first plants grown by man, since 10000 or 12000 years ago.

Cannabis Sativa, the plant from which CBD comes is a versatile plant. It is used for food in China, but it was only 2000 years ago when people started using it and studying it for its medical properties. Hemp ropes and other extracts were used everywhere in the world by different populations.

The healing properties associated with cannabis are well documented, even by people such as Herodotus, Napoleon and Queen Victoria. Those instructed scientists of their time to study the plant, and to find more healing and utility properties of it.

Unfortunately, its medical properties were ignored because of its association with THC. This type of hemp extract is euphoric, therefore illegal in the majority of countries across the globe. It is why many people are looking for the legal content of THC before buying their cannabinoid extract.

The history of cultivating CBD

A rich cannabinoid strain should have between 4% and 18%. These levels were traditionally found in hemp with a reduced content of THC. Modern medicine allows us to determine the exact concentration of THC and CBD in oils, allowing us to buy only legal and approved substances.

IN 2006, it was possible to obtain the first strains containing only CBD, without any content of CBD. This marked a new era in the industry of CBD food supplements, which can now be sold without any legal worries.

Using CBD Oils

At the same time, CBD and its derivate were analysed for a large gamma of usages. However, people claiming these food supplements can cure terminal diseases brought more attention on these extracts.

Many people claim they used CBD to cure cancer or other diseases that cannot be cured with common medical solutions. Our website only compares and offers food supplements, without any claims that these products can cure any medical diseases. In any way, do not consider our products as viable ways to replace any type of medical treatment.

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