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The latest legislation changes such as the Farm Bill in 2018 and the development of the cannabinoid and hemp extracts industry brought a change in the average CBD oil prices. However, this is not always in the advantage of the consumer. Finding high quality CBD oil is a burden today, with an increasing competition and producers promising you wonders with their products.

Industry regulations are just put in place, and there is still room for interpretation. It is one thing what is written on the label of a food supplement, and another thing what you find inside. It is why there is inconsistency between prices, concentrations and quality of products distributed by different websites online.

How To Find The Best CBD Oil best in Quality and Price

The general recommended daily dosage of cannabinoids is 200mg a day, but this is only for a general cure and it varies greatly from one person to another.

Dosing CBD is a matter of where to start and how to manage your cannabinoids intake to get the optimal results, but not to pay huge amount of money on your treatment. It is where our calculators help you find the best CBD Prices Online with our advanced CBD price calculator, and to find the optimal dosage for you and your family.

Some use only 10 mg of concentrated CBD a day and they say they are fine with it, while others need as much as 500 mg. Most frustrations from new users come from not feeling anything after weeks of treatment. This could be to wrong dosage, wrong brand or the unsuited type of CBD.

It is important to start small and don’t give up, change the product and the type of ingestion if required, until you get the optimal results.


CBD Side Effects

Some people claim mild side effects from using CBD, which are normal like in the case of any other food supplement. If the symptoms persist, please contact your doctor immediately. The products that we promote and sell are only food supplements, they are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease and they should not replace any medical treatment prescribed by a specialist.

CBD side effects dosage calculator

How to Use Our CBD Price Calculators

CBD Oils Reviews is committed into giving its readers a clear image and explanations about all the attributes of a hemp extract. We help you find the best cost for CBD oil online, by calculating how much you have to pay for 100 mg CBD.

It is not only the content of CBD that matters, but also the type of extract and the goals of the consumer. If you are just looking for an easy CBD cure with no general purpose, you would look for the average prices of CBD capsules. However, capsules come with a reduced bioavailability, which means only a part of the useful substances get to your bloodstream.

Our calculators help you to determine many characteristics of a product, such as how much you pay for 100 mg of pure CBD, but we also consider bioavailability and other factors. This way, we are able to give you specific CBD price calculators for oils, capsules and vaping devices.

CBD Price Calculator 1

Hemp Oil Best Cost Calculator

The simplest formula taking into consideration only the price and the CBD content in 100mg gives you the Price per 100 mb CBD. Feel free to use our calculators with different products you want to try from our website, and to buy them directly from the manufacturer’s websites.

Price/Content in Mg*100= Price per 100 mg CBD

This formula assumes the useful substances are distributed evenly in the product, and the user takes equal quantities each time. It is not possible, so only take these affirmations as general guidelines in establishing the daily intake of cannabinoids you require.

If you are looking for a one week cure, you should look for products having the best price for 1000mg CBD. CBD Oils with 4000mg CBD are also popular as they are associated with one month treatment. As these are higher concentrated, you should look for the 30 ml bottles when buying such hemp extracts.

CBD Calculator Gummies and Capsules

Any food supplement capsule is made of a layer with the goal of retaining the useful broad spectrum substances, vitamins and minerals. However, this compound reduces the capacity of the body to ingest cannabinoids.

This is an aspect to consider with CBD price calculator, as you will usually benefit only of 20% of the total CBD stated on the product.


For capsules, this is less than 10%, meaning only 10 g of CBD reach your bloodstream in a 5 days cure.

For some, this might be enough, but as the body get used with the benefits of the cure, the majority of patients will look for better ways to ingest CBDa and CBDb.

Gummies have the same bioavailability as capsules. Feel free to use the next calculator a general guidance, and remember that only 50% of the stated values actually reach the important parts of your body.

cbd tincture calculator

CBD Tinctures Price

Tinctures are easily assimilated under the tongue before being swallowed. It is more effective than capsules. The carrier oils help ingestion even more. However, they also have a reduced bioavailability and still 50% of the product is flushed away.

Water Soluble CBD price

There is a new type of high quality CBD oil for sale obtained through nanotechnology.

This new type of quality CBD oil is known as ‘water soluble CBD’, it comes with easy ways of ingesting and it is considered top quality full spectrum CBD oil.

People usually buy this CBD oil for pain, and in this case, rich cannabinoid percentage oils are recommended.

The low ingestion percentage was solved by the nano-emulsion extracted CBD, a new way to obtain cannabinoid extracts, used only by some manufacturers in the USA.

They claim this method increases the capacity of the body to absorb the useful substances. They are obtained through a new process and they are known as Water Soluble CBD. Even if they are not water soluble, they are a lot easier to ingest by the body as the CBD particles were broken into smaller pieces.

Read the best high quality CBD oil reviews and you will be able to find the best CBD deals for any type of product.

Calculate CBD Concentration in Oil Drops

The concentration of CBD in different products varies greatly. For conformity, we will choose the unit price/100mg CBD. It is simple to use, and by multiplying with 2, you can get the daily cost of CBD for an optimal recommended dose of 200mg a day.

The concentration of active substance in the total volume of the product is also important. This is measured in mg/ml, and it can have value of 15mg/ml to 70mg/ml and even more. Here is a Calculator allowing you to determine all these characteristics and to help you understand the benefits of actual high quality CBD oil.

What Is the Right Way to Buy CBD Oils?

There is no correct way to find the right dosage and price of CBD. Some try the process of microdosing, which means taking one drop at regulate intervals until you feel the difference, and to combine the total number of drops in a given time. These are not medical advice, but more like trials made by people who used cannabinoids before.

The easiest way is to start low and take it slow, which means to increase your dosage daily based on how you feel and what your expectations are. This will also allow you to determine how much you spend for your CBD daily, and to adjust your health budget accordingly.

CBD Price Calculator 2

Choosing the starting dose is your personal choice after reading the best CBD online reviews, but the majority of starters prefer 10-15 mg a day. They will have to gradually increase to 40-50 mg, with the additional increase in cost.

People looking for more cannabinoids daily will have to look for the best budget CBD oil, without compromising the quality of the treatment.

How many CBD Oil Drops or to take?

CBD Oil drops come in different concentrations (mg/ml) of CBD. The standard is 20 drops/ml, and from here. It depends on the concentration of the product. CBD pasta are more dense, so they clearly have more CBD/drop.

We also have to consider bioavailability, as only 50% of useful substances will eventually reach the body. This is better than in the case of capsules, but inferior to the CBD extracts obtained through nano technologies, or to the inhaled CBD.

Recommended dosage of CBD daily with vaping

Vaping is different as the bioavailability of smoked and vaped CBD is high. This means 70-80% of the useful cannabinoids will reach your bloodstream through your lungs. It is why CBD e-liquids and vaping solutions come with less concentrations of CBD, but you can make sure most of those useful cannabinoids will reach your endocannabinoid system.

Try to start with a few puffs and check if you feel any improvements. If not, increase the dosage until you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Sometimes, changing the cartridges is also a good idea, and you can find many enhanced with the benefits of the cannabinoids from reputed retailers online.

Usually, the 2000mg vape oil prices are suited for the average CBD smoker for about two weeks.

How to calculate prices for special CBD products

Wax and Isolates are CBD pure extracts that have gone through a processing stage. This means some parts of the plant were pressed for obtaining a CBD concentrate. This contains only CBD, as the other substances of the full spectrum CBD were eliminated.

While it comes with a good advantage in terms of price, CBD concentrates are only for advanced users. These have to be combined with oils or vaping oils for smoking or vaping. You can use those but only after a cure of capsules and simple oils. Once you understand how those work and you require more CBD in your daily habits, you can think about CBD isolates, wax, dabs and crystals.

CBD Price Calculator for Cats and Dogs

Pet CBD is not new and many people integrate their pets in their daily CBD habits. Our beloved friends need as much attention as us, therefore specialised pet CBD products are a thing today.

There is not a specialised pet CBD calculator, and we would advise you to consult your veterinarian before integrating cannabinoids in your pet’s diet.


cbd dosage for pets

CBD Price Calculator with CBD Oils Reviews

The statements that CBD can cure diseases have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration. It is legal at federal level to consume CBD. Calculations and recommendations can only be made based on the reviews and statements of previous users and results of studies where cannabinoids can be used for medical purposes. All the products promoted on our website are food supplements, therefore they should not be considered as a replacement for any medical treatment.

Side effects of CBD should not happen, but please stop your treatment immediately and consult your doctor if you think your CBD Cure is interfering with any medical treatment you might follow.


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