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CBD is legal in the majority of states in the USA, but there are many other things that can be done in order to increase the recognition of these food supplements.

The Legal Status of Cannabinoids at State and Federal Level

As Cannabinoids are extracted from the controversial cannabis sativa, it has been for a long while when it was forbidden to any kind of commerce or manufacturing. It is only during the recent decades, since the increasing permissive aspects of the law and the growing interest for hemp derived products which made non-psychoactive extracts of hemp .


cannabis legal USA

Why Is It Safe To Buy CBD Online

The Food and Drug Administration cannot control the entire hemp production in the USA or imported, and it considers CBD as being a food supplement. Although it is extracted from the same strains as THC, these non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracts are legal, and their benefits on the endocannabinoid system are obvious. 

Since more and more states decided to legalize marijuana for recreational practices, it became easier for the marijuana derived CBD products to enter the market. CBD Oil is today used as a food supplement for improving the body state, but also for other medical purposes, depending on the federal and state controlled substances regime. 

Difference between CBD and Medical Marijuana

The Federal Law forbids trafficking and selling THC and psychoactive products derived from Cannabis Sativa. However, the State law of more than 14 states today legalised the use of THC products. Even in the states where it is not legal to consume THC, products with less than 0.3% THC are considered non-psychoactive, therefore these cannabis plants extracts can be bought and marketed both online and offline. 

The 2018 Farm Bill makes it even easier for manufacturers to extract cannabinoids from hemp, and to use CBD even for treating medical conditions. With the amount of THC contained in cannabinoid extracts, you can be sure CBD is legal and you can safely buy it online! 



cbd legal USA

CBD Legal in You State?

At federal level, it is legal to buy or sell cannabis sativa products with content of less 0.3% THC. However, this might contradict with legislation in some states. 

Even if CBD is legal in your state, unless you live in one of those where marijuana is legalized for recreational purposes, you might have problems in buying it. It is because the 2018 Farm Bill comes in contradiction with many state laws, therefore the authorities are not eager to consider CBD as a promising supplement. 

However, this does not mean you will be arrested from buying from authorized websites, but use precaution when choosing the best online websites to buy your cannabinoids. 



CBD legal USA

Where CBD is Totally Illegal?

It is not a good idea to buy CBD or to be caught with any kind of cannabis sativa extracts in the states of Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota or Alabama. The law is discouraging in states such as Georgia, while in others such as Iowa, the first marijuana dispensaries are opening. At the opposite pole, states where marijuana is used recreational are also places where CBD farms are found. 

Where is it totally safe to buy CBD

You won’t have any problem in buying CBD both online and in land based shops in California, Colorado, or anywhere the legislation is permissive with the hemp extracts industry. Also, in places where the 2018 Farm Bill was understood and applied, CBD is regulated but legal and accepted. Read more About CBD in the USA and where you can safely buy hemp extracts from trusted and legal sources!

The Future of CBD in the United States?

With more and more states legalising THC extracts even for recreational consumption, it is obvious that the industry of non-psychoactive hemp extracts is growing as well. The legality of CBD was established clearly in states such as North Carolina or South Carolina. There is a clear distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana plant.  

Natural CBD and chemical compounds

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