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What does the CBD Florida law says?

legislation and the way people see these cannabinoid extracts. Every state has its own CBD laws to follow, some of them being more permissive, while others don’t. Let’s find out what CBD Florida law says and how legal is to enjoy your favourite food supplement in this state.

Is CBD legal in Florida?

Florida is one of those states that have never been cannabis-friendly. However, with the 2016 Amendment, the state has legalised the use of medical cannabis. You need to be above the age group of 21 years with cancer, epilepsy or other severe illnesses to possess cannabis legally. You also need to show your prescription which should be written by a licensed and qualified doctor. The state is currently planning for the full legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes. There will be a vote on the matter that will take place in 2020.

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How to buy CBD in Florida?

Due to the strict laws, it is quite difficult to get CBD from any storefront. The best thing to do is to buy CBD online in Florida. It is legal to bring CBD in this state, and you won’t have any problem in getting it delivered. This will give you access to the best CBD oil brands that can’t always be found in Florida. Not just that, but you will also get a lot of options to choose from.

CBD Florida News

With the increase in CBD sales in the state, the state regulators are now keeping a check on CBD based products sold by the marketers. It is to make sure it really contains what the product says and client’s won’t get scammed. This includes items like chocolates, gummy bears and pet treats. These items were sold in the market without any government oversight for all this time. Today, they are watched and the authorities even perform tests to make sure they are really cannabinoid products and they do contain the legal required concentration of THC.

Cannabinoids and THC in FL?

No matter what CBD online Florida product you buy, you should always read reviews of CBD brands online before. Use our CBD concentration and price calculator and be sure you save money even if you buy quality CBD.

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