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The use of cannabis or CBD products has always been a controversial topic, especially in the US. As far as CBD Arkansas is concerned, the state has legalised the use of CBD oils and products, and does not put many barriers in the way people use these cannabinoid products.

Is CBD legal in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas has a special bill for CBD usage called the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act 2017. As per the bill, the consumption of CBD is legal in the state. However, it should not contain THC more than 0.3%. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved by The Natural State in 2016.

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How to buy CBD in Arkansas?


You can buy CBD products from licensed retail stores in Arkansas. Other than that,, you can buy CBD online from Arkansas websites. Many users prefer to buy it online, as they get access to the best CBD oil brands Arkansas. Buying CBD online is  more convenient and the preferred way of CBD oil users in Arkansas to find their favorite products. If you need to buy CBD oil for medical reasons it is possible. However, you need to have a written certificate from a licensed professional. Many people choose this way, as they allow them to buy high concentrated CBD and the possibility to cure advanced diseases such as anxiety or even as help in some cancer cures. 


CBD Arkansas News


As per state data published this Friday, Arkansas medical cannabis dispensaries have made $10 million of sales in the first six weeks of 2020.


The first medical cannabis dispensary in Arkansas was opened on May 11th, 2019. The most recent dispensary was opened on Feb 3rd.

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