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CBD Oils Reviews USA will offer a comprehensive and complete CBD Dosage calculator on products, ages and the goal of the cannabinoid cures. However, we do not want to do that until we have dome our researches, and asked the opinion of our readers. Until then, we made a top of the 5 best CBD dosage calculators online, based on reviews and their features.

All these are from trusted and well-known internet sources, such as compare & review websites and reputed online CBD shops.


5. Depression Alliance

DepressionAlliance.com offers a comprehensive look on many types of CBD, being more like a resource of links to trusted sources from where you can read more about the endocannabinoid system and the effects of hemp extracts on these.

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4. CBD Oils Users

CBD Oils Users.com specialises in comparing and reviewing oils and drops , but they also have good resources for other types of CBD. You can imput data such as your weight and the product you want to try, and the calculator will tell you exactly what type of CBD and how much you require for your cure.


3. CBD Dosage Calculator Online

CBD Dosage Calculator.com is another specialized price review website for different types of cannabinoids.It allows you to calculate your hemp extract daily needs based on your age and bodyweight. It is great as it is easy to use, and it recommends you products to buy based on the calculator’s results.


2. Honest Marijuana.com

Honest Marijuana.com calculator is a complete guide and an easy reading old school calculator, better suited for those that still like to put a pencil on a piece of paper. Take some time to read it completely, and compare its results with the ones of the online calculators.

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1. Medium.com Calculatorh

Medium.com is not exactly a calculator, but a complete study about cannabinoids, studies and researches made in the USA using advanced technologies. Read this to understand cannabinoids, and making a choice on the right type of brand and method of CBD will be a lot easier.

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Legal Observations about using dosage calculators

With different legislation and authorities tolerance and understanding towards CBD, and with many political implications, it is confusing to determine if it is legal or only tolerated to buy CBD, as the law and consequences are really different from one part of America to another. It is why CBD Oils Reviews will write about the latest changes, news from the hemp industry and what regularly changes in different states. 

We encourage our readers to send us their opinions about the products we promote and to contribute to our content. We strive to be a complete review & compare website for offers, coupons, brands & products, but also to be a place where consumers can post honest reviews about the products they tried. 

In some states, it is legal to say CBD can be used for chronic pain, but even there, only with the approval of a physician. It is important to understand the drug interactions with medical treatments before starting a cure with CBD. 

CBD as medical treatment & food supplement – Why the Confusion?

Some of the cannabinoid extracts such as CBD Gummies allow everyone to feel the benefits of CBD as they come in low dosages of CBD which can be measured precisely. Moreover, cannabinoids are enhanced with natural flavours, making them suited for the entire family. These are recommended as a starting point for a hemp CBD cure. You can calculate how many CBD gummies you need daily with our Dosage Calculator as well, and you can read recommendations from medical professionals about the amount of CBD that you can take.  

Each of the products we promote comes with calculations such as the milligrams of CBD they give you daily, and how much you need to pay for your daily CBD. The serving size is different considering many factors such as the body weight of the patient, the type of cannabinoids and the goal of the cure. It is why we try to promote only trusted CBD oil products useful for the endocannabinoid system

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